Spicy Apple Chutney & Cranberry Chutney Whirls

Ingredients (Makes about 30 whirls) 375g Ready rolled puff pastry 3 tbsp Yummy Things Spicy Apple Chutney 3 tbsp Yummy Things Cranberry Chutney 1 small egg for glazing 80g grated mature cheddar cheese Method Lay the puff pastry lengthways (horizontally) on a floured surface and cut it down the middle into 2 strips. Spread the Yummy … Read More

Spicy Apple Chutney Whirl & Chilli Jam Whirl

This recipe makes about 30 whirls hence we split it to make approximately 15 of each to create a selection. By all means you can make the whole amount of one or the other by just doubling Spicy Apple Chutney or Chilli Jam as an ingredient. Ingredients 375g ready rolled puff pastry 3 tbsp of Spicy Apple … Read More

Cheese Platter

Our chutneys are perfect for the cheese platters and cold meat buffets on special occasions or as demonstrated by the recipes on the site a great must have in the fridge to enhance any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner.